Created 09/27/2020
Reference 377746
Job Type Full Time
Country United States
State Florida
City Plantation
Salary $98,000.00 - $161,700.00 Annually

This is an exempt at will position, in which the employee is responsible for administering policies, procedures and regulations of the department through coordination and direction of activities of subordinate technical and clerical personnel. The employee is responsible for establishing and maintaining standards of operations within the scope of established laws, rules and regulations.

This employee directs staff in the administration and enforcement of laws and ordinances applicable to all phases of building activities within the City.

The person in this position develops internal policies and procedures for delegation of responsibilities mandated by the Florida Building Code and City Code of Ordinances and serves as liaison between the citizens, the building industry and elected officials.

This employee is also responsible for ensuring that the department strives to maintain the highest standards of service assistance to the public through programs that encourage employees to keep positive public relations as a primary goal. The incumbent in this position reports to the Mayor. Work is reviewed by the Mayor in conferences with the employee, through progress reports, and evaluation of attainment of goals and objectives.

Employees are hired as AT WILL employees that serve at the pleasure of the City and may be terminated at any time with or without cause.

Examples of Duties

Develops internal policies of operation in conjunction with City's Administration.

Plans, organizes and directs the activities of technical and clerical personnel engaged in the enforcement of laws and regulations relating to building matters.

Develops, implements, authorizes and controls departmental budget; ensures all functions and programs under charge are performed within established budgetary parameters, to include performing cost control activities, monitoring revenues and expenditures and ensuring sound fiscal control.

Makes interpretations of the Building Codes.

Serve as a member of the City's Plan Adjustment Committee.

Provides materials and personal assistance to the Board of Adjustment, Review Committee, Plan Adjustment Committee, and Unsafe Structures Board.

Holds preliminary pre construction meetings with applicants requesting permits, as required by ordinance; review plans for conformity with applicable city ordinances, the South Florida Building Code and the standards of the City.

Prepares and presents to the council material on recommended changes in codes, departmental policies and regulations, etc.

Exercises control over the construction, erection, repair, alteration, demolition, removal, use, occupancy and maintenance of all buildings and structures within the area of jurisdiction of the City.

Acts personally or through a designated staff member as representative of the City to the Board of Rules and Appeals.

Makes recommendations and decisions regarding departmental operational policies, expenditures, plans and other administrative matters as they affect the department, including management and evaluation of departmental personnel.

Performs related duties as required and directed.

Typical Qualifications

Thorough knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures relating to building design, construction and inspection.

Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration, including budget preparation and control, personnel management, and record keeping as they relate to a coordinated program of the building department administration.

Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices for enforcement of regulatory codes pertaining to municipal law, buildings, building construction and related activities.

Extensive knowledge of all codes, ordinances and laws relating to building construction and maintenance of developed and undeveloped property.

Extensive knowledge of all construction and engineering practices in the building industry. Including thorough practical knowledge of building materials, construction methods and maintenance.

Ability to read and interpret building material and construction standards, building plans and specifications, building codes and legal documents.

Ability to supervise and train a large staff of employees in the various activities of the Department.

Ability to prepare or supervise the preparation of maps, charts, graphs, reports and correspondence.

Ability to delegate authority and to plan and supervise the technical and clerical assistants in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Ability to express one's self clearly and effectively.

Ability to develop long-term plans and programs and to make sound decisions on operational and administrative issues to assure effective Building Code Enforcement procedures for the City.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with other employees, officials and the public.

Ability to learn computer system for permitting activities.


To be eligible for appointment as Building Department Director/Building Official; such person shall be currently certified as required by the State of Florida, BCAIB as a Building Code Administrator. Such person shall be certified by BORA and shall meet at least one of the following qualifications:
  1. An Architect or Engineer having practiced within the HVHZ for at least three (3) years; or
  2. Ten (10) years combined experience as an Electrical Contractor, General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor or Plumbing Contractor, Chief Inspector, Plan Examiner, Inspector employed by a municipality or private company contracted with a municipality, Bachelor or Associate of Science Degree in Engineering, Architecture or Building Construction from an accredited school may be credited for a maximum of three (3) years for Bachelor Degree or a maximum of one (1) year for an Associate Degree. Minimum five (5) years construction experience within the jurisdiction of the HVHZ.
  3. An applicant for Certification as Building Official under the provisions of this section who has passed BORA HVHZ competency exam may substitute experience within the State of Florida for the required BORA HVHZ experience requirements as specified in section,
  4. Each of the applicants shall possess a current Certificate of Competency issued by at least one of the following entities:
  • Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board as a General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor or Plumbing Contractor.
  • Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board as an Electrical Contractor.
  • Broward County Central Examining Board of Building Construction Trades. (As Class "A" Unlimited General Contractor).
  • Broward County Central Examining Board of Electricians as a Master Electrician or an Electrical Contractor.
  • Broward County Central Examining Board of Mechanical Contractors and Specialty Mechanical Contractors as a Mechanical Contractor or Class A Air Conditioning Contractor.
  • Broward County Central Examining Board of Plumbers as a Plumbing Contractor.
  • Miami-Dade County Construction Trades Qualifying Board, Block proctored, issued on or after January 1, 1968, for any of the above-referenced disciplines.
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation as an Architect or Engineer.

Considerable administrative experience in the direction, operation, and management activities of a large size business or department. Graduation with a bachelor's degree from an approved accredited college or university with specialization in Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management or related fields.

Have demonstrated the ability to maintain high standard of service to the public through program that emphasize public relations.
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